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Products and services

Our services

Provide one-stop service from consulting to landing according to different scenarios

  • Basic platform

    Using blockchain and privacy computing technology, it provides information infrastructure for the digital era, including autonomous controllable alliance blockchain platform, data asset value exchange platform based on multi-party security computing, distributed credit and identity authentication system based on privacy computing, etc

  • Solution

    Provide business solutions based on blockchain and privacy computing technology for customers in different industries such as government agencies, finance, manufacturing, logistics, medical care, insurance, etc., and provide professional technical services in the whole process from application scheme design to implementation

  • Product cooperation

    With business as the goal, we have long-term cooperation with academic institutions to carry out technological research and scientific research cooperation, and provide academic exchanges, consultation and training, solutions, etc. in terms of blockchain, data privacy protection, data asset value, etc

Characteristics of blockchain smart contract

Decentralized, trusted mechanism

Strong security consensus mechanism without tripartite intervention

The transaction is open, transparent and tamperable

Distributed, stable, reliable and sustainable