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SOS Limited Expands Its Texas Mining and Hosting Centre and Signs Major Hosting Agreement with BITMAIN

Aug 24,2023 EST

New York,USA, August 24, 2023 (PR NEWSWIRE) – SOS Limited (“SOS” or the “Company”) (NYSE: SOS) has launched over 5,000 of its own mining rigs in its Texas, Hosting Center to date. Separately, SOS announced it has entered into a Hosting Agreement with BITMAIN for a term ending August 20, 2025. The total number of hosting mining rigs is 6,000 units, which will be delivered in 2 batches of 3,000 units each.

Mr. Yandai Wang, CEO and Chairman of SOS, commented, “We are pleased with the expansion of our North American operations so far. In addition to increases in our own mining revenues, this Agreement will generate monthly revenues of more than $1 million.”

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SOS is an emerging blockchain-based service solution provider and also engaged in blockchain and cryptocurrency operations, which currently include cryptocurrency mining and maybe expand into cryptocurrency security. Since April 2021, we launched commodity trading via our subsidiary SOS International Trading Co. Ltd; major trading commodity includes mineral resin, soy bean, wheat, sesame, liquid sulfur, petrol coke and latex etc. For more information, please visit:



BITMAIN is the world's leading manufacturer of digital currency mining servers through its brand ANTMINER, which has long maintained a global market share and leading position in technology, serving customers across over 100 countries and regions. The company has subsidiaries in China, the United States, Singapore, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, and other locations.


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