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Through the SOS big data cloud, we provide users with a variety of products and services, and rely on the website, APP and other rescue and mutual assistance platform extreme link, intelligent interaction, to create an international efficient rescue service system

PC/Henan pingdingshan official website

The pingdingshan committee of the CPPCC is an important institution for multi-party cooperation and political consultation under the leadership of the CPC.

Soft fabric ERP management system

Including knitting production process, production management, yarn management, style customization, white card tag printing, chain store sales, customer management, recharge, inventory allocation and so on.

SOS Cloud attendance

SOS Cloud attendance,Multi-enterprise user cloud attendance system, exclusive enterprise scope and height positioning, real-time map display, punch-in typesetting, automatic identification of punch-in equipment information.

Insurance standing

The insurance station is a direct selling Internet platform, connecting with insurance companies such as peace of mind insurance, fude life insurance, hua 'an automobile insurance, etc., to provide customers with a series of financial services (insurance, consumer finance, claims) of people and things.

Forever VIP APP

Yongbao insurance agency co., LTD. 's exclusive insurance android and IOS apple apps are in contact with insurance companies such as peace of mind insurance, fude life insurance and hua 'an auto insurance.

Yunzhi life APP

Development of WeChat public account system, such as yunzhi cabinet, intelligent access control, palm business hall, real-time traffic condition, palm commuting, bureau communication, medical treatment, yunshang convenience store, etc.