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Medical rescue services

The company has built a SaaS platform for SOS cloud emergency rescue service led by three major products of basic cloud, cooperation cloud and information cloud, providing marketing related data, technology and solutions for insurance, finance, medical, health, automobile, safety, mutual aid and other emergency rescue service fields, driving big data with technology, and realizing an international efficient rescue service system

Medical rescue service card

Medical rescue service card

Provide rescue services for users in case of accidental injury and other conditions
  • Business travel rescue service
  • Telephone medical consultation
  • Return of minor children Family visit
  • Funerals, ashes returned, and aftercare
Vehicle rescue service card

Vehicle rescue service card

Provide rescue services in case of emergency
  • Connection service
  • Emergency water filling
  • Replace the spare wheel
  • On site emergency repair
  • Trailer towing
  • Lifting rescue
  • Rescue in trouble
Financial rescue service card

Financial rescue service card

Provide rescue services for customers' financial problems
  • Vehicle financial credit
  • Credit financial repayment
  • Other financial rescue
Life rescue service card

Life rescue service card

Provide rescue services for users' problems in life
  • Assistance for the elderly and children
  • Domestic and overseas life rescue
  • Other life rescue